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Minds Lost is an asymmetrical horror game. You are either a Nightshifter or a Wanderer.

Nightshifters are long lost Wanderers, who have been lost in the void the map is in, warped over time. They hunt the Wanderers.

The Wanderers need to find the missing bridge parts, scattered across the map in order to escape. You must "Reconnect" them to either of the two bridge points, under a wooden arch.

Once the bridge is complete, cross to escape! 

The Nightshifters have to catch the Wanderers and the winner is whoever presses the X key the fastest. Random letters will pop-up on screen, first person to press the key gets a boost.


MindsLost.zip 218 MB

Install instructions

Download file, and unzip. Inside the folder is a Unity game called Minds Lost.

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